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When the drones help the real estate sector and customer

Technology fills our lives on an everyday basis and in terms of work, although it does not appear so, even more. Nobody thought makes ten years that them drones would change the form of understand part of the sector real estate, both from the perspective of the real estate as of the future customer avid of recognize with accuracy how will be the House of their dreams. There is no doubt that technology is the perfect ally of every professional, helps us to improve the work, to p...

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Key of the House bioclimatic

Already before the first brick, bioclimatic architecture should have built a difficult puzzle. The challenge is to assemble a puzzle trying to closer to the self-reliance of zero impact, that fit a wide range of parts in a way or another, more achieving a harmonious, all from exactly the same choice of terrain to the guidance, materials used or serve us as an example, the obtaining of clean energy. The purpose of the construction is to achieve eco-friendly comfort, the habitabil...

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The adaptation to the customer as element key of loyalty in a real estate

Today nobody puts in doubt the importance of place to the customer in the center of any business, with independence of the activity or the sector that occupy the company. For an organization to service provider such as the real estate for our clients, understand this centric "customers" as the ability to adapt the solutions offered to the real needs of each client, here is where lies the difficulty and my experience has shown me that not always achieved the results expec...

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The best beaches of Denia

The beaches of Denia draw a nice profile of the coast of Alicante. At the foot of Mount Montgó, Denia city has great genes sailors and a few services for both residents and tourists really enviable. The marine reserve of the Cabo de San Antonio is an ideal place for lovers of diving and water sports. For those who, apart from enjoy an infinite number of places and services offered by the city, want to enjoy the best...

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