Key of the House bioclimatic

Already before the first brick, bioclimatic architecture should have built a difficult puzzle. The challenge is to assemble a puzzle trying to closer to the self-reliance of zero impact, that fit a wide range of parts in a way or another, more achieving a harmonious, all from exactly the same choice of terrain to the guidance, materials used or serve us as an example, the obtaining of clean energy. The purpose of the construction is to achieve eco-friendly comfort, the habitability that produces welfare, always and constantly minimizing the carbon footprint and all manner of environmental impact, in order that nothing should envy to ways of life based on energy waste. Not in vain, at the time of designing a home energy efficiency is an essential aspect, although the bioclimatic architecture is more than that. Bioclimatic houses are intelligent design to gain in efficiency, ingenuity, be secluded in perspective and seek comfort throughout the year. We raise a few keys to the design of a residence bioclimatic broadly, that are going to be met to the extent possible: The orientation of the building: the purpose is to take advantage of the Sun to the limit in winter and reduce its negative impact on winter, but the benefits will depend on the genre of the time. To this end, both the front and the maximum possible window will guide South (south-southwest and South-southeast), bearing in mind that the West is the more discouraged.

Shape of the building: its architecture, the House bioclimatic which are new construction must have the way that adapts to the natural environment and, ultimately, it is recommended to maximise the energy efficiency and self-sufficiency that must be achieved in the new houses. The frequent is having a compact shape and adjust to better preserve energy, since the way a House largely determines energy consumption. Among other elements, the height is decisive for greater ventilation, and also the way the roof either design for solar collection are essential. Materials used: apart from choosing ecological materials (of low environmental impact and non-toxic) by its nature, to be recycled either by having a low footprint of carbon due to its proximity, avoiding emissions by transport, the House bioclimatic is also a passive residence. This means that elements edifying as windows, greenhouses, walls, enclosures mobile either roofs take advantage to create passive solar systems and, in general, with the intention of achieving energy savings and environmental comfort. Quality insulation: strategic use of the thermal mass to avoid sudden changes in temperature, which can be achieved with the strategic placement of the smuros, and exactly the same way, also complicates it the insulation. Still in this way, ventilation is essential. Be advised the double glazed and them enclosures mobile, that can be from curtains to blinds or shutters. Clean and renewable energy: solar energy leaves the House heated directly (passive systems) either through panels either Texas solar, but usually to find the ideal combination depending on each case, with what the options are many, such as wind power or the geothermal, say. Ventilation in the building's health: not only for the question of health, but rather to prosper the conservation of temperatures in winter and in summer. A ventilation strategic combining their 3 types, it natural, convective and convective in loft, is key for heated the residence and, by his part, to preserve them temperatures pleasant in house, eluding or minimizing them losses. windows and light: in the areas hot, is recommended multiply the number of advantages to achieve light natural and ventilation, more to the time these should include protections. They will be more efficient the exterior to the Interior to avoid the passage of heat and, as a general rule, the head bolts must play with different elements, such as balconies, size of windows, number, location, and also tilt, to serve us an example, apart from supplementing them with the proximity of permanent either deciduous trees or walls and green roofs , as appropriate. Garden not only around House: so are gardens vertical, covered green or plants ornamental, Orchard organic and/or trees, their choice and design has that fit with the conception general of the residence. A good design could prioritize species according to their adaptability to the environment (native plants tend to be more simple to care for and it would be interesting to planting endangered species), of his need for irrigation, durability, and creation of a small ecosystem that will attract biodiversity. Also is essential the predisposition of them elements and the proximity of the head bolts, both for well for bad.

Habitability where houses are to live the: a House bioclimatic accurate of an attitude committed with the environment for power be it truly, the design has that attend to this. Know the Customs and lifestyle of their inhabitants futures can make a big difference in this sense, but always and in all circumstances is going to be precise a good attitude. Otherwise, largely architectural work will have been in vain. Water saving: must view with the needs and good practices, certainly, further time is essential to resort to water storage systems, such as the barrels of water that are installed in the garden, and collecting water from downspouts either flexible tanks that stored.

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Already before the first brick, bioclimatic architecture should have built a difficult puzzle. The challenge is to assemble a puzzle trying to closer to the self-reliance o...
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