The adaptation to the customer as element key of loyalty in a real estate

Today nobody puts in doubt the importance of place to the customer in the center of any business, with independence of the activity or the sector that occupy the company. For an organization to service provider such as the real estate for our clients, understand this centric "customers" as the ability to adapt the solutions offered to the real needs of each client, here is where lies the difficulty and my experience has shown me that not always achieved the results expected, at least speaking from the perspective of the client, which ultimately is going to determine whether to continue or not trusting us and in the know-how that we have about the real estate market. .

He is not offering the most innovative or unique solution that we have in our portfolio of properties, we have it, or sell or rent any dwelling, but to know adapt and choose our properties to the real needs of the customers. Perhaps a same service can fit and broadly address the needs of various clients, but if with him we are not optimizing the productive chain of each of them, in the long run, we would lose the satisfaction of the customer and with it confidence in our real estate service.

Each property is different, so solutions that adapt to a client are useless to another and therefore if we want to achieve loyalty to our customers, get the engagement, a term that is so fashionable, we must abandon standardized solutions towards 'one to one solutions' i.e., solutions customized for each client professionalism.

How can we get this? There is no magic formula, but there are a number of aspects which we will help in determining which solution is ideal:

-Listening to our customer. This step is key because if not we were able to understand the needs of the client we can not determine which solution is best suited to that demand. If looking for a House of village in Denia to buy, not you offer a floor!... As an example.  It seems so simple that many times is obvious and is that sometimes come with preconceived ideas to the meeting or focus on talk of the excellence of our homes and we do not stop to listen and absorb what the customer really wants.

-Capacity of interpretation and management of the property that you want to. The client is who really knows what wants to but not always knows convey their needs. We have to be able to not only determine what you want the client and type of property are you searching, but know explain in accessible language as we are going to manage their needs and the best way to satisfy you.

-Dispose of a team multidisciplinary that we allow maintain a portfolio of services flexible. The technology is in constant evolution, this US forces to be in a warning continued, keeping a culture business open to the change. A proper monitoring of our environment provides us valuable information to pre-empt the changes that demand market.

-Convert data that us is generating activity on useful information for the company and decisions. Once we started the service we need to keep a constant feedback and renewal of buildings allowing us to go debugging any deficiencies that we find.

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