When the drones help the real estate sector and customer

Technology fills our lives on an everyday basis and in terms of work, although it does not appear so, even more. Nobody thought makes ten years that them drones would change the form of understand part of the sector real estate, both from the perspective of the real estate as of the future customer avid of recognize with accuracy how will be the House of their dreams.

There is no doubt that technology is the perfect ally of every professional, helps us to improve the work, to perform tasks faster and more precise, in short, to be more professional in every day with the intention of improving the customer services.

We are not discovering anything new if we say that we live in the era of the image where the estate has one of its largest foundations and "weapons" against a potential customer. Images in 3D, photography, videos and the Internet world is part already intrinsic of the everyday life of all real estate but the technology advances and we must adapt to it.

This is where come the drones, a resource that is being introduced gradually in "life of real estate' with the intention of providing more information, more accurate, and even be able to recognize the shortcomings of real estate from a perspective that, until not so long ago was unthinkable.

Provide more data on any type of housing from a different perspective benefits in both directions, i.e. from the client that can more accurately recognize the possibilities of the good that requires, to the real estate professional that provides extra data and which enables a lower loss of resources in the search front required and specific needs.

Capture video and image from air on any house or building, under construction or already built... captive to anyone! And know that the large architectural firms that were the first to take advantage of this technology to show us their works and pharaonic constructions.  From here he began the revolution of the image in the real estate market offering perspectives impossible to some buildings already on its, presented a detail architecture.

A motion video will always be more attractive than a still image. If to that I add a different, daring and creative presentation of a dwelling;  from observing the environment of the House to the installations, through the presentation of their common areas and recreational. In fact we have everything you need any future buyer or lessee, familiar with the property.

The possibilities in the field of drones are infinite and have come to stay in the world of the real estate market.

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